Fencing elements InoFence

A fence made of WPC boards, a pole profile and a cap is a durable product which will not require periodic maintenance. If the base is properly prepared, these profiles will ensure easy and fast installation of a fence using wood-plastic composites.

Fencing elements from InoWood WPC boards are 100% environmentally friendly, because the production is not in use any environmentally hazardous substances (eg .: lead salts), and the same board and are fully recyclable.

A wide variety of InoWood wood-plastic composite profiles will help you install a fence which will not require periodic maintenance! InoFence fencing elements are fully ready to use.






Fencing elements
Fence board AD
Fence board TG
Post profile
Post cap
Sloping post cap
Post base
Alu start/end profile
Alu insert profile
Post mounting profile
Metal U profile